Yoko – Milk Extract Whitening Cream

Yoko – Milk Extract Whitening Cream

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This cream is made from pure milk and yogurt extract. Yogurt extracts with a lot of protein from milk and lactic acid AHA, which is a natural acid that helps remove dead cells and reduces wrinkles. It helps to stimulate cell regeneration and replenish the vitamin and mineral action on the skin and restores moisture and makes your skin smooth, soft and fair.

Yoko Whitening Cream with Milk 4g Yoko Whitening Cream Milk Extract 4g Delicate Skin Cream, Worth Commendation. It is known that women in Southeast Asia, who perceive light skin as a sign of beauty and aristocracy, worry about achieving a perfect tone like no other. The Yoko Company gives every beauty a chance to find the desired porcelain skin. The compact and very economical cream has a nutritious formula that is easy to apply, quickly absorbs, gives no feeling of fat and viscosity and does not close pores, instantly eliminating the feeling of dryness and firmness is. It is based on Milk Extract, the amazing properties of which Queen Cleopatra was known for. Milk Fat has a unique ability to penetrate deep layers of the skin, fully absorb, fully nourish, Moisturizing and softening. Regular use of milk for cosmetic purposes not only helps in getting rid of wrinkles and flattening, but also helps in getting rid of acne, age spots, wrinkles, makes tone more fresh and healthy, aging and environmental Prevents negative effects of factors.

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Yoko - Milk Extract Whitening Cream

AED 50.00

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