Black Coffee By Café Younes – Colombia Geisha

Black Coffee By Café Younes – Colombia Geisha

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Grown in: Finca Puerto Alegre

Elevation: 1,450+ meters.

Flavor: Mango, lemon, ripe banana and caramel.

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Carbonic Maceration

Body: Medium

Acidity: Sparkling High

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  • Country of Origin: Colombia
  • Shelf Life: 6 months
  • Storage: Room Temperature

    About Black Coffee

    Since 1935, Café Younes, the oldest and the largest home-grown specialty coffee roaster in Lebanon, has been a go-to coffee destination and a place its patrons call home thanks to its warm sense of community.
    While remaining true to our 85-year heritage of uncompromised quality coffee, BLACK COFFEE by Café Younes specializes in sourcing premium coffee beans from around the world and in offering a multi-sensorial coffee experience through our roasting methods and our advanced coffee selections.

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1 KG, 250 g, 500 g


Espresso / Moka Pot, French Press / Cold Brew, Kalita / V60 / Chemex (filter coffee), Rakweh / Turkish, Whole Beans

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Black Coffee By Café Younes - Colombia Geisha